We Believe in This

Jordan and Caleb discuss plans for retrofitting the ice cream truck 

It’s 11pm and for the first time in far too long the three of us sit in the same room. Our expedition is slated to begin in ten days and the list of things that need to be done only gets longer. The conversation scatters like shrapnel in all directions talking of what has been done, the unbelievable turn of events that resulted in funding from Kickstarter campaign, and of course all that still needs to be completed. The conversation pauses for a moment and in that moment the three of us look at each other.

In that moment there’s excitement of what’s to come, fear of failure, tenacity to overcome, gratitude to everyone who’s made this possible, and a promise that no matter what happens in the next 240 hours we will give our all to this expedition. It was in that look we understood, perhaps for the first time: we believe in this trip.

Thank you to everyone who believes in our trip and our message, we look forward to keeping you posted and seeing you on the road.