When Morale is Low, Turn it Up

Today, while I was at work, Caleb and Jordan took a field trip to the electronics store. During their time at the store they managed to acquire a sound system that would rattle the bolts straight off a party bus; fortunately, we’re driving a 1988 Chevy Step Van.

While I toiled with the heating lines, cutting hoses and burning my hands on the radiator, Caleb and Jordan spun wires across the truck like a drunken spider web hoping that the next time they got shocked would be last. Elbow deep in oil I watched an old air vent transform into a full-fledged disco speaker. As I drilled through the firewall into the cab, the ancient heating/cooling controls were removed and in its place a flashy ($20) car radio sat ready to sound the alarm that we were on our way with free ice cream. Josh dove under the truck and started mounting the Vegetable Oil filter as the finishing touches went into the wiring. Finally, it was time to flip the switch… and nothing happened.

Our sound system didn’t work, my drill had run out of battery, and Josh had more grease in his eyes than tears. Like any defeated group of men, we ordered pizza.  It was now 11pm and we had each put in 17 hours of work and hadn’t eaten since noon. We tried various fixes, but to no avail.

The four of us sitting in the ice cream truck must have been a pretty dismal sight. We really felt like we had wasted a solid day of work and we didn’t have many more. But Caleb had an idea, and I think it was a good one because just as the Dominos delivery man showed up he attached a wire somewhere shocked himself; now blaring full volume to the neighborhood, the pizza delivery man, and our morale was the tune of a music box playing.

Heard for miles around, everyone knew that this 1988 Chevy Step Van was on it's way on an Ice Cream Expedition across America. Whether it overheats, is another question entirely. - Cam