A Milestone

[ Hello all! We apologize for the silence. The first 2 weeks have been a complete whirlwind.

Tons of stories, photos, and videos to come. In the meantime here is a short little update from our time at Glacier National Park. ]

"We are not taking a jumping picture...okay let's take a jumping picture." 

We stood on top of our retrofitted ice cream truck in complete awe. The serene beauty of the setting sun glimmered off of the never melting snow on top of the mountains setting the landscape of Glacier National Park on fire. Did we just drive an ice cream truck through one of America's most pristine national parks? 

It was hard to believe that a little over 2 weeks ago we were sitting on the white sand of Ocean Beach in San Diego watching the sun disappear behind the endless Pacific Ocean. The road to Glacier consisted of a strenuous 2,703 mile trek in our 1988 Chevrolet step van that on a good day can reach a comfortable cruising speed of 50 miles per hour. Also our diet on the road has mainly been consisting of ice cream, tortilla chips, and coffee. Our mom's would be proud. 

Our view (and campsite) on top of the ice cream truck in Bighorn National Forest, WY.

Our view (and campsite) on top of the ice cream truck in Bighorn National Forest, WY.

After a long but rejuvenating day of jumping into glacier fed rivers, running through open fields, and constantly looking upwards, we crossed into Wyoming. We drove down a dirt road far from any major road and camped on top of the truck with one of the most spectacular views that made us feel so small.   

Even though we are just in the first few weeks of our two and half month road trip, reaching Glacier National Park felt like a milestone for us. As I laid on top of the truck, gazing up at the millions of stars, I thought of all the stories we have heard and all incredible people we have encountered on this expedition so far. They combat any exhaustion or ill balanced.  - jordan