The spark for the Ice Cream Expedition is that stirring within all of us when we hear of a great explorer and their adventures.

The three of us have spent our lives running through mountains, climbing trees and getting lost abroad. We recently started to examine why we have this drive to exist in the unknown and have realized that, although it’s often the novelty of an experience that entices one to explore, it’s the knowledge earned during the experience that is fulfilling.

However, with great knowledge comes great responsibility. An explorer is in a way responsible for preserving what he has discovered. Whether it is an ancient temple or a creek in the backyard, an explorer is first and foremost a conservationist. It is our aim to inspire the next generation with the realization that they are explorers with priceless knowledge and to empower them with the responsibility of conserving and protecting their natural world.

How best to connect with the next generation of explorers - an ice cream truck. Growing up we would literally sprint blocks to catch an ice cream truck. We'll be giving away all-natural ice cream to start our conversation with children around America. 

We approached National Geographic and National Geographic Kids with this idea and it was met with enthusiasm. We were awarded a National Geographic Young Explorer grant. We have been working hand in hand with National Geographic and National Geographic Kids to design the trip and working through the logistics of putting on large events in major cities along the way. 

In line with the mission of natural conversation, we'll be serving all natural Magnolia Ice Cream, made with real tropical fruit purees. The ice cream is free to all, courtesy of Magnolia who is sponsoring the expedition -- providing four unique flavors of ice cream which includes: mango, avocado, guava, and a purple yam coconut swirl.